Set in an idyllic ten acres at Woori Yallock, deliberately selected to ensure a healthy,
happy lifestyle for Golden Retrievers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Where, having
set our minds on breeding the dogs we love, we then set about ensuring that they were
the best dogs we
could breed so that you will have the best companion you could

It's no accident that our puppy buyers return to us over and over to buy their next
Golden or Chesy and their next. They also spread our praises to others thus giving us
the gift of the greatest advertising ever - word of mouth.

Buy a puppy from Denise and Andy at Crowlee Kennels and you buy a puppy that has
had years of research put into its bloodlines, ensuring that you have a puppy that
shares its ancestry with some of the best that England and Australia has to offer.
Denise's fund of knowledge about Golden Retrievers is legendary, including the ability to
recognise and identify characteristics from particular kennels.

Buy a puppy from us and you buy a puppy that has its parents hip scored and eye
tested, has been vaccinated and vet checked, has been maintained on a healthy,
carefully balanced diet from the moment it has been weaned and has been safely
reared in a household that aims to love and socialise the puppies.

Buy a puppy from us and you will ensure a lifetime of "after sales service". We love our
dogs and not only want them happy, we want you to be happy - so that any issue you
have we are always at the end of the phone, and willing to assist in any way we can.

Buy a puppy from us and have years of joy, laughter, love and enduring companionship.

Take home a puppy from Crowlee Kennels and enjoy!
In loving memory of Denise Crowley who
founded Crowlee Kennels, who was well
known and respected for her
encouragement and vast knowledge.
Greatly missed by family and friends and
forever in our hearts.