When purchasing your Golden Retriever puppy, you must be aware that there are several
problems known to occur in this breed. It is a requirement of the Victorian Canine Association
(VCA) that we check our dogs prior to breeding for these problems.

Hip Dysplasia is a disease that effects many large boned breeds. There is no doubt that parents
with poor hips can pass on their problems but there are also other environmental factors that can

All breeding stock is X-rayed after 12 months of age by a veterinarian. The X-rays are then
assessed by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and given a score. This score is made up
of different components of the left and right hips. The maximum score is 106 and the lowest 0. The
lower the score, the better. You must take into consideration that the breed average is

Dr R Lavelle from the AVA recommends that dogs scored over 20 should not be bred from, but I'm
sure all breeders assess a dog's suitability for breeding from a number of areas.

There are a number of eye diseases known to the breed. Many of these are hereditary. Therefore,
all breeders are required to check their dogs prior to breeding for these diseases. The Golden
Retriever Club (GRCV) recommends a yearly eye certificate from an ophthamologist.

All our breeding stock at Crowlee Kennels is checked for hip dysplasia, OCD, and eye diseases.

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